Mr. Joos

Branding project for a series of natural cold pressed juices.

The visual identity is based on the strategy and positioning as the only brand on the market that preserves the naturalness of ingredients of the product through a unique way of food processing (cold press technology) and thus competes as a top vitamin drink – Lord among juices, “mister 100% juice”.

That is why the word “juice” is spelled in a different way (“joos”), with the obligatory grammatical explanation of the “correct pronunciation” of the brand name on the packaging and promo materials, hiding the number 100% (natural product) and the eyes of Mr. Juice, who as a result gets its unique character through various interventions on the packaging and in the visual communication.

Such a visual solution allowed us to emphasize the special “character” and “benefit” of each juice – for example, the name “Hello” is orange juice, intended for morning awakening, and Mr. Joos gets a “cap” or “hair” in the shape of the sun.

  • brand concept & strategy, naming, photography, brand visual identity, packaging design, visual and verbal communication

  • cropak 2017 finalist

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